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Adenium Productions is a media and film production company established in 2018 with its headquarters based in Aden, Yemen.

Adenium Productions flagship project is - 10 Days Before the Wedding- directed by Amr Gamal. The feature film first opened in Aden in August 2018 becoming an instant sensation as the first film to screen publicly in Yemen in the last three decades. The film participated in a number of international film festivals and was Yemen's official entry to the Oscar's in 2018.


Adenium’s services include TV, music and theatre production. The company also offers theatre and film-making training for youth in Aden, and provides visual documentation and publicity services.

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Adenium Productions

The name

The name Adenium Productions was derived from Adenium obesum, a flowering plant that is native to Aden city, parts of the Arabian Peninsula, and Africa. This colorful plant grows in the roughest and toughest conditions; just as art does in our country despite all the challenging situations.

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